i need a essay written asap

I need a 3 page essay written on the United states government and the resources they provide to the citizens during crisis. Describing the theoretical perspectives functionalist. Conflict, and social interactions. Identify and state a problem or issue related to that social institution. The example would be why do hard working citizens work just to pay Bill’s and do not have any extra money for self? Also a citizen working hard to get the things in lif such as a home and then be forced with a foreclosure due to loosing a job. Along with conducting research to learn more about the problems I just stated. Use the information to create evidence to explore the social institution and social problem in the context of a changing society. Describe at least one recommendation that you would make to the social institute encourage positive social change. How could the social problem be better addressed?

Also include a reference page as well as apa format and proper citations and citing. I need this paper done by 6pm cst..