i page paper on maslow s theory

Based on the story below explain as to why Maslow’s theory works in this situation and also briefly explain the theory.

Zoe is a 20 Y old African American female college student currently living in Brooklyn, New York. She was diagnosed with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) 3 months ago and presents to the clinic for a follow-up. On assessment, the patient appears withdrawn and disheveled. Weight loss noted on physical appearance. Labs reveal high viral load, low T-cell count due to medication non-compliance. As per patient, she states she feels the medication is making her feel worse (add more). (reword) High-risk heterosexual contact was her only risk factor for HIV acquisition. Zoe states “I want to live a normal life, have children and I feel that now I can’t.” She recently moved away from her family and is living in a new state but still depends on her family for financial support.