ictsas504 develop and conduct client acceptance test



What does a requirements report outline? What are acceptance criteria? Research standards organisations and write brief report: Base report on one of the standards organisations given in detailed activities. What should acceptance criteria be evaluated in terms of? What three important development artefacts should acceptance criteria be based on?


What step is required after the acceptance criteria have been defined? What does the test plan provide? List three resources required for the acceptance test. What is black box testing? What is white box testing? Why should any data required for the acceptance test be input into the system functionality itself?


What is the objective of the review and validation of the test plan? Why do you think that the review should be someone independent and not the test author? List three criteria the review should address?


Client should be closely involved in the development of acceptance criteria, test plan and relevant resources need. Client will be expected to accept “at the end of testing process”. Which would range from condition not to implement, to full implementation. Prepare a list of key evaluation references that the client should undertaken for acceptance test.


What should the client be made aware of regarding the acceptance test? What commitment is the desired goal after the acceptance test?– What should be provided to enable client training prior to the acceptance test? List four things the client should be requested to provide.


What is proofing content? Why is it not a good idea to manually check for broken links? What is a better solution? What is the official body to check for standards compliance for websites? What is usability testing? What is load testing? What is security testing? What is penetration testing? What sort of environment should be set up to conduct the various tests on a website?



On September 11th 2001, millions of people across the world turned to the Internet to find out more about the terrorist attacks in New York. This created abnormally high traffic levels for virtually every major online news site. Try to find out what plans news sites had in place to deal with catastrophe like this and how the major sites coped.


Research on the internet the following:

“Testing” + “Software” + “Life” + “Cycle” and then answer the following questions.

The first link is this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_testing_life…

What are the six generic phases of the Software Testing Life Cycle? What is test planning? When does test planning occur in the software life cycle? What are test cycles? Visit the following link: http://www.websitepulse.com/help/tools.php and then answer the following question


Document errors during test conducted and list difficulties and problems occurred. Produce a brief report. Rank the classifications of errors, difficulties or problems that may include show stopper, critical, major, medium, minor or cosmetic problems.


Focus on communicating test results to client is important so that they understand these results. Test data gathering during tested can accumulate to large quantities of data. Why should this data be condensed? Why does management need a report of tests against acceptance criteria? What is a severity classification? Does it assist with highlighting critical or urgent areas of concern? What is the difference between classifying bugs by severity and urgency? Why kind of bugs require urgent fixing? What can determine whether a bug should be fixed immediately or not?


Why is it important when preparing a test report to refer back to the original test plan? What is being checked when test results are compared to the original specification of the website? Why area acceptance criteria are crucial to the success or failure of the website. List three items typically included for acceptance criteria for a website. What should be done if certain functionality has not been tested? Write a brief summary of outcomes.


List three items of information that web server logs contain.– What information can a web server log give for planning a load test? Which month should be used for load testing from the graph below? Outline components important forperformance evaluation.


Apply Change management procedures based on evaluation and investigation records. Produce a document of agreement between client and the developer incorporating reschedule the changes or modifications within a acceptable timeframe.


Document the test results for confirmation, should be supported by final test reports and associated documentation produced in the testing process. The confirmation must be verified by the test team.


Client acceptance is important endorsement. Record client feedback that includes concerns over website design and website performance.


When should a review meeting be organised? Who should be appointed for the feedback meeting? In what situation or circumstance is client representation important?What is the actual purpose of the meeting? What should be planned after the meeting?


Why is it important that all members of the test team record their results and comments during testing? What should each individual tester do if there are no formalized procedures in place? What is a non-disclosure agreement and how does it affect testers? The acceptance and sign off should be documented either hard copy or electronic. Provide a example of client acceptance and sign off.


There are two possibilities for further maintenance may required for the system pertaining to client and ongoing maintenance, please provide details of the two possibilities.