illegal voting in the u s

Illegal Voting in the U.S.Illegal voting by illegal aliens in local, county, state, and federal elections in the U.S. has become a serious concern. With driver’s licenses made available by several states to aliens (both legal and illegal), it seems likely that voter rolls now contain large numbers of aliens who can illegally vote. Since the illegal alien obtains the voter registration document fraudulently, we already know that the law has been violated. However, there has been a discovery that an illegal alien vote in an election does not void the election results. Voter registration cards can also be used for other illegal document activities by illegal aliens. If an alien is found with a voter registration card in their possession when arrested by immigration officers, they are subject to and processed for deportation proceedings based on possession of the card only.Discuss the implications of illegal aliens voting in local, county, state, and federal elections.How according to you, can the issue of voting by illegal aliens be better handled? Do you support illegal alien voting in your elections? Why or why not?What are the international implications for the U.S. when foreign nationals vote in US elections? Explain. Could this be a national security problem relating to US sovereignty? Is there a way to remedy this problem? How?What immigration law statute(s) make voting by illegal aliens a violation of the law? Does it make the illegal alien deportable or excludable? Why?Explain the difference between an illegal alien actually voting in an election compared to simple possession of a voter registration card. What immigration law statutes are involved in the arrest?Do these statutes represent a fair treatment of illegal aliens? Why or why not?According to you, can an alien be criminally prosecuted for simple possession of voter registration card? Why do you think so?