immanuel kant political theories and one theory that has affected the modern world past world war 2

Outside research is required for this paper a minimum of two outside sources are required not including the text book.Generally internet sources are notacceptable for this research. The rule I use for this paper is the source must actually be in print. You do not have to have the printed copy but you must be able to cite it as if you did have the printed copy.

Section 2. Detailed discussion oft the theorist’s theory, argument and conclusions.The discussion of the theory should be a detailed examination of one aspect of the theory that is applied to modern society.The discussion-should include critiques of the theory. This section should be the bulk of the paper roughly 3-4 pages in length

Section 3. Apply the theory discussed to modern society. Discuss how the theory is relevant today. Several examples of how the theory is relevant to modern society should be explored. You can argue how the theory is misapplied today as well. Sources should beused to support why the theory is relevant. This section of the paper should be 2 pages in length.