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Assignment Instructions

Immigration reform has always been a controversial topic, and one that has gotten increasing media coverage lately in light of the ongoing presidential campaign. Efforts to overhaul the American immigration system have been overshadowed by other events such as foreign conflict and economic issues, as well as a climate of divisive political partisanship. Americans routinely acknowledge that the country is a “nation of immigrants,” few are actually familiar with the system of laws that govern who can enter or leave the country. There are many types and pathways for reform and we will be exploring some of that in the upcoming mock senate simulation. For this week’s assignment, you will be evaluating opposing sides of the immigration reform debate.


  1. Workers Betrayed by Visa Loopholes. – This is an editorial by the New York Times editorial board.
  2. Sessions, Jeff Immigration Plan Bad for U.S. Workers – This is an op-ed piece published in USA Today by Senator Jeff Sessions.
  3. Kane, Tim. There’s a Better Way to do Immigration Reform – This is an op-ed piece published in The Los Angeles Times.


  1. What are some of the arguments made by advocates in favor of increased immigration or policies favorable to immigrants? What are some of the arguments made by opponents of immigration?
  2. On which side of the debate do you fall? Are you “pro-immigration” or “anti-immigration”? Of course, there are always subtleties to any such position so be sure to qualify your position and provide substantive evidence to back up your position.

Additional resources for assignment