Impact the COVID Public Emergency Will Have on Crustos Pizza & Wings Store Essay

Impact the covid-19 in the workplace

Read the instructions below. This assignment is in place of your remaining field placement hours due to the COVID-19 epidemic. You must follow all of the directions below, and your assignment must be between 1000 and 1100 words. Do not write the questions below- write your report in paragraph form, following the directions. Do not plagiarize- your instructors will be checking for plagiarism. Submit your report as a word document to your instructor by Friday, April 3rd, 5:00PM.


A 1000-word report on the impact of the coronavirus public emergency on their placement workplace, and the impact locally and nationally on the hospitality sector, and internationally for the tourism sector

1000-word assignment

Research how the current public health emergency (concerning the coronavirus) will impact your placement workplace and the tourism or hospitality sector. You will be writing a report requiring students to search information online, think about your experience about your co-op work up to now, research information, and provide personal opinions (with reasoning).

The assignment must be written in full paragraphs, in your own words, and not in bullet points. You must make sure each section (introduction/placement analysis/workplace analysis/conclusion) is clearly labelled. Avoid using the ‘synonym’ feature on Word. Use your own words.

It is not good enough to state, “The coronavirus will mean less tours/rooms are booked,” you need to explain why and what impact this will have on the workplace and industry. Explain your points. You are encouraged to share your personal opinions, but you must justify them.

We encourage you to actively work on this assignment during these two weeks and keep uptodate on any provincial/national updates.

Further information concerning the report structure (and suggestions for discussion points – you don’t have to use them all) can be found below:

Title: The impact the coronavirus public emergency will have on (write your placement workplace name) and the tourism sector

1000-word assignment template:

Introduction (100 words)

Briefly explain what impact the coronavirus public health emergency has already had on the tourism/hospitality sector and whether you believe the impact will get worse or better

Include a brief history and current information about the organization you were on placement at, and if it has already been impacted by the public emergency.

Placement Analysis (400 words)

*This section should include concrete examples from your placement experience.

What discussions did you supervisor/manager have with you and your colleagues on any workplace changes due to the spread of the coronavirus. What more could have been done?

How did your supervisor and the head office of your workplace company react to the public health emergency before it became a public emergency and after a public emergency was declared? What would have made their response better? Did they communicate in person or using technology?

What changes were made to how the business works? How to practice social distancing in the workplace? What changes could/should be made? What staff/customer safety changes were made to protect staff/customers? How did customers react to the changes/cancellations?

What impact will a reduction in services have on the business/staff/customers? What impact has it already had?

If you were the supervisor/business owner, what would be your top 3 priorities to address during the public health emergency?

How will technology be used in the workplace during the coronavirus emergency period?

Once the public health emergency is over, what strategies could your workplace use to increase/regain business?

Industry Analysis (400 words)

What impact will the public health emergency have on the tourism/hospitality sector nationally/provincially/in Greater VancouverArea? (fewer flights/tours, more expensive flights, slower immigration processing, or travel bans for tourism) or (reduction in staffing, more deliveries for customers, fewer goods arriving, occupancy rate impact)

Will the hospitality/tourism industry suffer due to lower trade (less deliveries of goods) and lower number of clients (locally and internationally)? In what way? What day to day impact will this have on your industry? What long term impact?

What support may be needed provincially and federally to support your industry during and after the public emergency?

What industry-wide changes could be made to help the industry grow again after the public health emergency ends?

Conclusion (100 words)

Summarize how aware you were of the coronavirus public emergency at your workplace and industry.

Summarize how prepared your workplace is/was for the public emergency

Summarize the key changes your workplace has implemented and what more they could do

What are the key things your workplace must do to retain/regain business once the public emergency ends?

What are the key changes the hospitality/tourism sector must do to ensure industry and business growth once the public emergency ends?

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