in this paper you will make a substantial and sustained argument that combines ideas from audre lorde s essay quot the master s tools will never dismantle the master s house with wild seed this is the story of wild seed

Audre_Lorde_The_Masters_Tools you will find it in uploads files

Audre Lorde’s essay raises important questions about how people who are different from each other work (or don’t work) together, and the significance that has for people who are trying to create change in a powerful or entrenched system. In this paper, I’d like you to see how you can put Lorde’s ideas together with one of our recent readings to make an argument about change, power structures, and/or how people deal with others who are different from themselves. Try to make your thesis about the ideas or themes of the story, instead of seeing how Lorde’s concepts match up with sections of the book (though that might be evidence you use inside your body paragraphs). For example (except you won’t be writing about The Power):

A strong thesis would be: “Alderman’s novel The Power provides an example of Lorde’s central premise: that the master’s tools, in this case violence and oppression, will never dismantle the master’s house. However, it stifles any meaningful alternative models for change.”

A weak thesis would be: “Audre Lorde’s ideas can be seen in The Power most clearly through the characters of Margot and Allie.”

Your paper should have a smoothly-written introduction that gets your reader’s attention and leads into your main argument. Your body paragraphs should support your argument with strong topic sentences and quotes or paraphrases from the story that you analyze (show how the quotes help prove your thesis, don’t just recap the plot). Wrap up your paper with a conclusion that reinforces your perspective on this story and leaves the reader with an interesting take-away point related to your thesis.

You should use the first person “I” in this paper (this thesis is your idea). You do not need to do any additional research, but you may use anything from the readings that we’ve discussed in class. Make sure you cite every source you quote or paraphrase!

MLA-style citations, and it gonna be 4 pages