individual research paper 9


1. Sign up for a research topic (topics will be provided in class on Wednesday, 10/16).

2. Research your topic using at least 3 reputable sources for your topic beyond your textbook (you may use your textbook as a reference, but you will need 3 additional sources beyond that). At least one of those needs to be related to a business case where the technology was used/implemented (either successfully or unsuccessfully).

3. Write a paper based on your findings.

– The paper must be 3 to 5 pages typed, double-spaced, standard font (10 or 12 pt), standard margins (1″).

– Sources must be properly cited (either inline or using footnotes).

– Include a cover sheet showing your full name, the title of your paper, and the course (INSY 4325).

– Include a bibliography properly citing all sources.

4. Submit the paper with a cover sheet (include your full name, course and section number, and the date) in class on the due date.

Signed Up topic is:-

IT Standardization and Innovation