information managment

Our schedule calls for our final discussion assignment this week.

Read pages 1 through 13 of this GAO report: GAO Report on Duplicative Investments. (You can also access the example by going to Files Directory/Wk 11 (Fall) or Wk 12 (Spr) and accessing it from there).

After reading what GAO had to say use this Discussion Forum to post your thoughts. Describe your reaction to the duplicate systems – are they a big deal or not and how do you think the duplications occurred? Which of the portfolio analysis techniques discussed in this week’s lecture would have resulted in the duplications being identified?

Do you think a similar situation could exist in the organization you currently work for (or one that you worked for in the past)? Explain your thoughts.

Engage in interaction with fellow students throughout the week about your views and their views. Be civil and objective in your discussion postings but try to engage the other students in a serious conversation based on what you have learned this week. I will be looking carefully to see if you have looked the postings made by other students. If you only view 2 or 3 that will impact my thinking about your involvement in this class participation activity. Be aggressive. Work on the assignment throughout the week.

Grading Criteria: Discussions represent our “in class” robust and engaging conversations about various topics. In order to receive a grade that represents an “A” you must:

Try to make your first post by Wednesday of each week to give other students time to react to what you posted and to interact with you during the rest of the week

Interact with a minimum of two other students (minimum effort is not “A” work)

Post thoughtful, researched and well-reasoned responses to the Discussion Forum questions

Demonstrate that you have read and/or listened to the assigned readings and lectures

Read all (or almost all) posts by other students

Participate in discussions on multiple days during the week to ensure interaction and “back and forth” – so set aside two or three times a week to participate in the weekly discussion.

Interact in a substantive manner with and engage at least two other students, at a minimum, in substantive discussion

Make substantive posts that demonstrate that you have read the material. Posting comments such as “I agree with you, Sally” will not result in an “A” grade.