Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication

READINGS: Igor E. Klyukanov. Principles of Intercultural Communication, 2nd Edition, Routledge.



· Read chapter 9: Synergy Principle

· Lecture and PowerPoint Slides Ch.9 (attached)


· Read chapter 10: Sustainability Principle

· Lecture and PowerPoint Slides Ch.10 (attached)




Questions 1 (p.237) (attached)


This assignment has to do with using Native American names for sports teams and other things as well.

Read the paragraph here (p.237) and then your opinion of this particular argument that these gentlemen talking about here. Also, include looking at the links that I gave you for this assignment about the Spoken Indians baseball club and the Spokane tribe. As well as Washington used to be Redskins national league football team, they have taken away Redskins as their nickname and they have taken away the Native American logo, so they now called the Washington football team in search of a new logo and nickname. Skin is one of those hard boundary lines that finally something over the years and now the time has come.

With this particular Tap #5, you want to integrate all of those things into both principles being used, use the Synergy Principle, the idea of cooperation and integration, and the Sustainability Principle, the idea of survival. You must include both principles in your answer.


Intercultural Communication

“Takeaways points Assignment Rubric 

· Use the proper format (name, course #, TAP #…Identify each Question you’re answering…have your TAP double- spaced, around 300 words).

· Have thoughtful answers

· Include the 2 Current Principles Synergy Principle and Sustainability Principle

(make them easy to identify)