international accounting and supply chain

I have attached project 1-5, please take a look before you work on project 6. Really important to follow precise instructions cause they professor is strict. Also make sure you cite everything under the sun. Not sure if you should cite? cite! Thank you in advance.

The management is nearly ready to proceed with their global expansion. The last remaining item that is needed before the strategic plan, is an understanding of any accounting issues that might come up, as well as an overall view of the supply chain. Your task is to present an analysis of these areas.

Develop a PowerPoint presentation where you describe, discuss, and analyze the following information.

  1. Present the key factors in international accounting, including any cultural differences in accounting practices. Include issues that the management needs to know about in regard to its expansion in your selected country.
  2. Identify the company’s approach to supply chain management, including a discussion of manufacturing strategy, approach to sourcing, technology employed and quality management (C18). Describe strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the supply chain that may result from entry into the new country. If you cannot locate information on the company’s supply chain, then find one in a similar industry. If you cannot find a supply chain in a similar industry, find any supply chain and make it fit with your organization.
  3. Present your recommendations on whether to use a local management team or a corporate management in your selected country for the startup. How should they then proceed with leadership in the ongoing phases of expansion?
  4. Incorporate at least one chart, graph or table into this presentation.

Assignment Requirements:

  • Length: 5-10 slides (with separate title and reference slide)
  • Speaker Notes: 80-200 words for each slide need to be in the Speaker Notes section of the PowerPoint slides. These speaker notes should thoroughly describe the details of the slide.
    Include citations for quotations and paraphrases with references in APA format and style.
  • The presentation should follow good PowerPoint design principles (e.g., readable font, uses one template, one inch borders around the slides) and contain transitions, builds, and animation when appropriate.
  • The first slide in the presentation should be the title page. The last slide(s) in the presentation should be the list of references you used for the assignment in APA format.
  • In addition to the textbook material for this course, use at least two (2) outside peer reviewed journal articles or other textbook references. Use the SPC on-line library to search for and obtain journal articles for this assignment. Websites and other non-peer reviewed references may be used if properly cited in APA format, but these supplemental references are not counted toward the requirement of two peer reviewed journals or other textbook references.
  • Save the file as a PPT file and upload the completed assignment in the Drop Box