International Markets and Profit Sanctuaries

1. International Markets and Profit Sanctuaries

Read the Tesla and Ford Motors case studies in the text (Cases 16 and 18). Jot down any additional thoughts based on your general knowledge of the automotive industry and personal experience with buying, driving, fueling and maintaining cars. Background research may be needed to satisfy your curiosity and answer questions raised by your readings and recollections.


Please answer all of the following questions:

Chapter 7

What (a) options and (b) approaches have Tesla and Ford Motors used to compete in international markets? Which is the more successful international competitor?

Do either of these two companies have profit sanctuaries? If so, how are they being used?

2. The elevator pitch is one of the most important tools in an entrepreneur’s toolkit

Discuss what an elevator pitch is, how long it should be, and what elements it should include. Who is your potential audience?

Perform a YouTube search for the ABC series Sharktank

Provide a link to a really good example of a pitch and tell us why you liked that pitch

Please submit your discussion board post

3. Build on the idea that you developed in Week 3 and complete the First Screen Test Assignment

Revise your concept description into a well-written, one-