interpreting current politics from the perspectives of two thinkers

Prompt: For this assignment write in Marx and Rousseau’s perspectives to ONE of the following:

  • A policy introduced by the Trump administration
  • One of the recent social/digital movements
  • A recent political event

In other words, you are interpreting current politics from the perspectives of two thinkers. You must discuss what they would think about your topic of choice, how their perspectives would be similar to or different from each other.


  • Be specific about the particular policy/movement/event you are covering.
  • Be explicit about how a certain theory/concept/ideology applies to your case.
  • Support your claims with textual evidence. For example, if you think that the concept of virtu applies to your case, reference the relevant passage from the text.
  • Do not summarize a thinker’s political theory in its entirety. Use only what is relevant to your example and comparable to the other theory you choose.
  • You may choose to discuss feminist critiques of these thinkers (in addition to the two canonical thinkers) as they relate to the question you choose, in which case you would need to articulate HOW/WHY the critique you discuss is important for answering the question. What insights does this critique offer for thinking about the concepts you are discussing? Why do you find this critique convincing or not?
  • Your paper MUST have an introduction with a thesis statement that provides a clear, complete, and direct answer to the question(s), and a brief outline that summarizes the key points you will discuss in the paragraphs.
  • You must follow the citation rules. You may use any citation style as long as you consistently use only one of them.
  • Quotes should be used sparingly as analytic tools, but you must also cite the text when you are paraphrasing or summarizing.