intro to computers 2

For now, you just completed learning skills in MS Office Excel. Use your new skills to create a Spreadsheet to show your projected sales for your new product. If you need some brainstorming, ask your instructor. The easiest way to manage this worksheet is to create a few locations and follow through with the sales for the locations.

PART 2: Create a professional looking workbook in Microsoft Office Excel to introduce your new product. Do not use a template. Be sure to use the following:

********I have attached the Flyer that you will be the product

• Spreadsheet Title Merged and Centered (5 points)• Sheet Tab Name (5 points)• Add Logical Data (10 points) • Formatted Data (10 points) Formatted data will have modification to text style in your preferred method• Cell Borders (5 points)• Fill Color (5 points)

  • Minimum of Two Types of Formulas to Calculate Data (20 points) For example AutoSum and Data or AutoSum and Average or Average and Maximum• SmartArt (5 points) • Shape (5 points)• Image(10 points)• Chart created with Data or Totals (10 points)• Chart Title (5 points)• Concept Understanding (5 points)
  • Attach below is part one that is the product you will use