intro to hospitality management project

HSTM 2230—Hospitality Experience Project

Point Value: 25 points for bulleted daily itinerary, 25 points for Excel budget

My choice is Los Angeles

Assignment: Individually, you will locate your dream destination within the United States. Based on your dream destination, you will design and plan your ideal hospitality experience trip. You will act as a travel agent and plan your trip from start to finish. This trip must include all elements of hospitality discussed in this course: mode of transportation(s), lodging, food and beverage, and theme parks and attraction activities. Your trip plan should be for 7 days and have a detailed plan for each day including activities, food and beverage, etc.

Assignment Instructions: Scan through Travel & Leisure (or similar) magazines to find your ideal location. Once your location is selected, you are responsible for planning a 7 day, dream vacation. A budget number has not been given, but please make this trip attainable for the common person (no luxury jets or private locations that a normal person wouldn’t be able to afford!). You are expected to detail your trip in a verbal, stand-up presentation explaining your vacation selections as if you were a travel agent trying to sell your vacation to others. You will need to create a very detailed itinerary and budget for us so we know exactly what you’ve planned and expect of us financially.

Paper Guidelines:

  • Please make sure that you include citations in a reference list.
    • If you submit this assignment without the use of any (or limited) references, I will grade accordingly.
  • Make sure to proofread your work. Proper spelling, punctuation, paragraph formation, and grammar is a must!
  • All parts of the assignment will be submitted on Canvas.