Inver Hills Community College Bible Old Testament Analysis Paper


Produce and write a short script summary for a podcast introducing the Old Testament to a contemporary audience that knows little or nothing of the Old Testament. Your script in your podcast should give them a sense of the content and themes of the Old Testament and do so in such a way as to encourage them to look at the Old Testament for themselves. At least 1-2 pages scripts, does not need to be double spaced.


1. Analyze the parallelism you find in Psalm 1.

2. Behind much of the book of Proverbs is the “retribution principle,” that is, that God rewards the righteous and punishes the wicked. Does that principle make sense in a modern complex world? Why or Why not? Be sure to cite verses in Proverbs to support your answer. (At least 150 or more)

3. The imagery and content of the wisdom and song literature of the Old Testament appeal to the emotions. Whether it is praise or complaint, the writers of this material speak with a raw and urgent sense. Select a verse from the material in this module that has a particular emotional appeal to you and describe why it is so appealing or genuine. (At least 150 or more)