Is there a difference between language and communication? Elaborate…

First, read your textbook chapter 8. For this particular assignment, remember to pay special attention to the topics about language. Then, be sure to read the article “Evolution News – Do Animals Have Language?” and watch the video “Khan Academy- Animal Communication

A fairly large number of people believe that animals have language abilities. Most scientific data on the point, however, indicate that animals communicate, but do not use a complicated system of symbols and syntax to convey ideas. Write your critical thinking assignment and answer all of the questions below:

  1. Is there a difference between language and communication? Elaborate……
  2. Do you believe that animals have language?
    • If so, what specific species?
  3. Why or why not? What research is there to back up your belief?
  4. Why do you think humans have such well-developed language abilities?

Instructions & Grading Rubric

  • Responses for all Critical Thinking Assignments should be approximately 500-600 words. This word count is for the body of your paper only and does not include any abstract and/or reference list. You can use Microsoft Word to help you do a word count.
  • Be sure to include scholarly content in your response and properly attribute credit to your sources in APA format (use the APA links provided to help you). I am particularly looking for your proper use of in-text citations, use of scholarly content (not just your textbook…use other sources also!), and your inclusion of a works-cited/reference list.
  • See Critical Thinking Assignment Rubric attached to understand how you will be graded for all Critical Thinking Assignments.