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Customer Relationship Management Software is an important piece of any new business to create better customer relationships and interactions. It is very useful for companies that deal with wealth management to deliver an optimal product to achieve their desired financial outcomes. There are many problems a company may face or problems encountered that cannot be solved without the use of a Customer Management Program. One such problem an organization may face is the ability to grow and develop due to archiving and sharing of customer interactions. Having a data base of customer activity that would include demographics, financial status and investments, projected investment opportunities that can be accessed for follow-up, action items that have not been completed, or if a new employee takes over accounts and needs to know where the customer is in relation to investing prospects. This also helps with customer address book update’s; no more manual entries each time customer’s demographics change. Customer service issues can be put into the CRM and accessible to the management advisor, easily retrievable and the customer can be called or messaged through the system. The long wait for someone to call you back on paper notes looking for the correct manager to handle the customer’s issues. One of the biggest issues company’s face are analyzing the vast amount of customer data stored in their systems and using this data to gather insights into the customers preferences. Workforce efficiency and tracking activity is reduced, time management Is increased, collaboration between departments eliminating silos creating a smooth team effort augments performance, all culminating into a management tool designed to track, predict evolving customer needs, identify opportunities, for their clients and develop tactics to become trusted advisors improving client’s ability to meet their lifestyle goals.

What are the Potential Costs?

Explain the relationship with IT and Customer Relationship Management

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