jv discussions

Part 1

Think about your own experience with online learning, either as a student or an instructor. Describe your experience and the OCL elements of it.

Was there a specific tool that you used?

How were you encouraged or how did you encourage others to participate?

How successful do you think this learning experience was?

Part 2

Communities of Practice (CoPs)

Either research a CoP for your professional field, your hobby, or another interest and post the link to the discussion board. This could be part of a professional organization or a larger social network. If you are not already a member of one, places to find CoPs are:

Discussion boards or mailing lists from professional organizations




Write a brief description of the CoP you posted.

identify and analyze at least 1 element from each of the 4 main categories (Contextual Indicators, Social and Intellectual Indicators, Procedural Indicators, and Technological Indicators). If there is an element from one of the 4 main categories that is absent or lacking, describe it.

Part 3

Of the three origins and determinants of motivation (curiosity and interests, goals and goal orientations, and self-efficacy beliefs), which one tends to have the biggest impact on instruction? Explain your rationale.

Which of the three is often the easiest to address? Explain.

Describe a time when you experienced low motivation concerning a learning task and describe what might have been done to help you overcome it.

Part 4

Using the ARCS model, analyze the situation for its probable motivational characteristics.

Create a set of motivational objectives and suggest strategies that would be effective for stimulating motivation.

Generate an instructional plan that would help learners become more efficacious

Part 5

In your current position (or expected if not yet employed) how could you employ Gagne’s taxonomy to improve the quality of the instruction you design?

What difficulties might you expect in applying this taxonomy?

What steps could you take to address these anticipated difficulties, if any?

Part 6

When designing instruction to address the given scenario, describe what each event of instruction would look like.

Which event would be the most difficult to design for the given scenario? Why?

What steps could you take to help address the difficulties you expect to encounter? Explain your rationale.