Kent State University State Nursing Practice Law Case Study

Write a 3- to 5-page paper about how your state’s practice act encourages or discourages quality and effective patient care for a patient with comorbid conditions.

Consider this case:

A 35-year-old African-American male reports trouble with sleep for over 3 months. He has trouble both falling and staying asleep. He has increased his drinking habits at night to try and increase his sleepiness before bed. He states he is drinking 1–2 beers every night before bed. He also states he has a history of depression that was successfully treated with Prozac for 4 years. He has not been on medication for the last 24 months and states that his depression has been somewhere from a 1–2 on a 0–10 scale with 10 being the worst. He denies SI/HI, and A/VH. However, he does state an increase in anxiety when he does not sleep. He states he feels fidgety and out of it during the day. His vitals for today’s visit are:



  • 1BP47/82
  • R20
  • Wt192
  • Ht5’9”
  • BMI: 28