labor economics presentation

I need to make a group presentation about:

Male Nurses and The Nursing Industry

“Due to the recent de-stigmatization of males in the nursing industry, along with an increase in demand for male nurses, both due to lack of supply reasons, preference-based reasons, and specialized experience, there has been an influx of males in the nursing industry. Although a predominantly female profession, the increase in male participation in the nursing industry, has led to males earning a premium wage over females due to non-performance related reasons, thus creating a gender pay gap. We want to examine the impacts of this shift on the labour market for registered nurses and the specific reasons behind them.”

My part is gonna be only the introduction, so I just need the opening of the presentation. I need 4 powerpoints and a script about everything I will say during the presentation. I am expected to present the topic, and then use labor economics in my analysis.

– Avoid big blocks of text in each slide. It is difficult for the audience to read them. Bullet points and short points are easier for the audience.

– I will be talking for approximate 4-5 minutes

– Please use only the 3 journals that I am uploading. No outside sources please!!

– Please include at least one graphic