Leadership Development Challenge

You work in the Human Resource department and have just been promoted to a supervisor position. Your role in this new position will be to lead your team as well as be a human resource strategic partner and resource to leaders and employees in the organization. In order to be effective in this new position, you need to learn what it means to be an effective leader. This includes understanding the foundations of leadership, your choices of leadership style, and the influence skills required in a human resource position. You have decided to research and decide what models of leadership you will use in your new position.

Leadership Development Challenge

This assignment is designed to create foundations for you in the leadership development area by discussing key elements of leadership, influence, and communication in the human resource profession. This will also set the stage for your application of these foundations in the upcoming course assignments.


Write a 3–4 page paper in which you define leadership, influence, and communication unique to the human resource professional. You will identify two leadership theories that resonate for you as you envision your leadership style for this new position.

There are many ways to research leadership theories. The course text The Leadership Experience compiles a clear overview of current leadership theories in Chapter 1, “What Does It Mean to Be a Leader?” Using this text allows you to examine a variety of relevant leadership theories from a single source. Additional resources are also provided to supplement the course text and provide additional perspectives.

This paper should be well-organized and cover the following elements.

  • Write an introduction that outlines why you are writing this paper.
  • Describe unique characteristics of human resource leadership.
    • Introduce the unique characteristics of leadership for the human resource professional.
  • Explain how leadership theories apply to human resource leadership.
    • Select two leadership theories that resonate for you as the foundation for your leadership style and approach and explain their relevance.
  • Explain the importance of influence to human resource leadership.
    • Provide examples of how you will use this leadership information in your new role as a human resource supervisor.
    • Discuss not only how you will lead your team but how this will impact your relationships throughout the organization.
  • Write a conclusion that wraps up and summarizes your document.