leadership final assignment 1

Final Project

Welcome to the final project. You will be surprised that you have already done a lot of the initial work. Now it is time to put it all together. You will also need to present your final project to your classmates.

So, it’s a two-part project:

1. Written Portfolio (See Important Documents for Directions)

2. Oral Presentation (this can be a poster presentation or a traditional oral presentation).

Upload the written portion for a grade here.

Upload the oral portion under “Lesson 9.”

I attached the work that you have done on task 4 and 5 which is related to this final assignment. You have chosen Uber as the company for this final assignment on Leadership (task 4) keep going and finish that please make sure the company you have chosen relate to what you have done on Task 4 ( or you can choose a different company ). And here is professor’s comments on your work on task 4: “Tuan,

Climate change is a very important social cause and you laid out your impact statement well. I am wondering if you have found a company that works on this issue yet?”

Dr. Robin