Legislative Intended Impact:

Under each heading the following information should be including into paragraph form. Make sure to cite your work using APA style 7th edition. NO PLAGIARISM!! Make sure to include a reference page. Please put into your own words. Should be a total of 4-5 page not including title and reference page . Please label  the heading in paper in BOLD. Make sure to include all the information below.


Legislative Intended Impact:

  • Describe the policy/ legislative action
  • Who initiated the legislation
  • What are the manifested and latent impact of legislation


Public Expectations: 

  • What concerns does the public expect the policy to address
  • What are the stakeholders’ values /were they respected
  • List ways public input was solicited


Affected Populations:

  • Identification of specific populations impacted by policy
  • List other stakeholders affected; micro, mezzo, & macro levels



  • Summary of policy impact in addressing social problem
  • Specific policy advocacy efforts currently used to reduce social problem
  • Implications for social work practice