. List and describe the components of contingency planning.

Homework 11

1. List and describe the components of contingency planning.

2. What is the primary goal of digital forensics?

3. What are the major steps in a business impact analysis? Briefly describe what happens in each step.

4. Name and describe the four steps in collecting digital evidence.

5. What are the three broad categories of incident indicators? What types of events are considered possible indicators of actual incidents? Probable indicators? Definite indicators?

6. Describe the components of an incident response plan.

7. Describe the effects of cryptography on the practice of digital forensics.

8. What is an after-action review? What are the primary reasons for undertaking one?

9. Examine this journal article on cloud computing and digital forensics: “Cloud Computing: Pros and Cons for Computer Forensic Investigations.” Briefly summarize the article. What are the problems associated with digital forensics on cloud computing platforms?