lit 150 week 13 your poetry

LIT 150-Week 13

This week, there was A LOT of poetry. Hopefully, some of it “spoke” to you for one reason or another, which is the focus of this post.

Chose three of the poets below and the assigned readings attached to them. In at least two short paragraphs, be sure to answer the questions in complete, correct, detailed, and well-supported sentences. First, begin with some basic explanation of both the poet and the works included; then, explain why these poems/poets stood out to you? Why did you connect with them or why did they speak to you? What did these poems make you think about? How did they make you feel? What did they remind you of? Did they connect with any other works? Does the form of the poem stand out? Did they remind you of something in your life? You do not need to answer all these reader response questions; think of them as prompts. Here are some more ideas to think about when responding to poetry. Use quotes to support you ideas

Denise Levertov “The Ache of Marriage”

“The Evening Train”

Rita Dove “Persephone, Falling”


“‘I’ve have been a strange in a strange land'”

Joy Harjo “When the World As We Knew It Ended”

“The Path to the Milky Way Leads Through Los Angeles”

Julia Alvarez “Bilingual Sestina”

From 33″

Eavan Boland “Anorexic”

“The Muse Mother”

“The Pomegranate”

Sharon Olds “The Death of Marilyn Monroe”

“Rite of Passage”

June Jordan “Poem about Police Violence”

“The Runaway Lil Bit Poem”

Please respond to two students with 5-7 sentence if you agree, disagree or try to either challenge or expand on what it is that they are trying to say to their post and explain why.


Student 1 Kiara

In this week’s reading the poems were all interesting but had different meanings. The three poems that stood out to me was ” The Ache of Marriage” by Dennis Levertov, “Anorexic ” by Eavan Boland, and “The Death of Marilyn Monroe” by Sharon Old. In the poem, “The Ache of Marriage” it explains the pain her marriage experiences. It defined the different pains from it being emotional and physical. She explains how deep the pain she feels damaged her wants and needs with every part of the body. In the poem, “Anorexic” it explains an Irish woman poet who was interested in her own life experiences in poetry. As a female poet she wanted to show through her writings her own experiences which happened to be a woman’s life experiences. In the poem, “The Death of Marilyn Monroe focuses on how the ambulance men transported her body and how after that their lives wasn’t the same. The three men becomes depressed, useless, one grows alienated from his job and changes his thoughts on mortality, and one finds his attitude toward his wife subtly altered.

The poem ” The Ache of Marriage” stood out to me because it explained the emotions of being married in how it controlled the body and mind. I connected with this poem because of the marriage experiences and how it affects both emotional and physical states of your well-being. The poem ” Anorexic” stood out to me because women are supposed to have perfectly, flawless bodies in the eye of society, but their looks are not things that they can control. I connected with this poem because this makes women feel worthless or have low self-esteem if they can’t make themselves this perfect person who doesn’t even exist. In the poem, “The Death of Marilyn Monroe” stood out to me because it showed how men lives could change within a blink of an eye. I connected with this poem because it shows the true physical loss of a star and the loss of the figurative values that she represented.

All three of these poems made me think about different aspects of life. “The Ache of Marriage” made me think about the life of being a wife someday, and its kind of made me feel worried about the future and the pains of marriage I may or may not experience. “Anorexic” made me think about my early adulthood years, being a recent high school graduate technically still a kid in many people’s eyes and dealing with and supporting a friend who was dealing with a seriousness of Anorexia. In the beginning “Anorexic” had me think about some painful memories but I then felt a sense of gratefulness because my friend is no longer battling anorexia and is now healthier than ever.” The Death of Marilyn Monroe” made me think of how death can really impact not only a family members life but also the ones working in that field. The Death of Marilyn Monroe made me see the limited minds of men. Sharon Old writes “these men were never the same” I know that Marilyn still means sex symbol to everyone including women. We as females must endure labels even in death. I love how Sharon shows the human nature questioning the lack of understanding that ultimately, she was a woman just like the men’s wives who had normal everyday things to do including be there just their breath.