LP6 Assignment: Syllogisms

Learning Plan 6


LP6 Assignment: Syllogisms

This assignment will assess the following Course Objective: 6. Classify deductive, inductive, valid, and invalid arguments.

Directions: Write a brief essay using the following format: Answer the question below in no less than one page and no more than two pages. The assignment should be submitted using Microsoft Word with default margins, using 12 point Times New Roman black font, be double-spaced, and be in essay format. Consult the class text while researching and writing the answer.

Default Margin Formatting: Alignment: Left Outline Level: Body Text Indentation: Left & Right: 0 Special: None By: Leave blank Spacing: Before & After: 0 Line Spacing: Double At: Leave blank Don’t add space between paragraphs of same style: Do not ‘check’

*REFER to the LP6 textbook reading to compose an answer to the following: ANALYZE the syllogisms below. Answer the following questions for each syllogism: 1. Is this syllogism deductive or inductive? Why? 2. Is the syllogism deductively valid? Why or why not? 3. Identify the premises and the conclusion for each syllogism.

Syllogism 1 All college students are required to take a Humanities class. Critical Thinking is a Humanities class. All college students take Critical Thinking.

Syllogism 2 All college students study. Ernie is a college student.  Therefore, Ernie studies.

Syllogism 3 All college students attend class. Cindy attends class. Therefore, Cindy is a college student.

Syllogism 4 (This syllogism is different.) Two girls submit an assignment, The two submissions are identical, Therefore, ___________________ (you provide the conclusion to make this a Deductive Syllogism)

Submit this assignment to your instructor via the dropbox “LP6 Assignment: Syllogisms.” This assignment is worth 70 points and will be graded according to the scoring guide below.