macroeconomics in action

This is for a discussion post so there is no need for a cover page. Here are the instructions:

Welcome to Macroeconomics! In this first discussion activity, you will select a relevant macroeconomic topic and explore it to identify basic concepts. You can choose a topic such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Real GDP, GDP per capita, population, inflation, interest rates, unemployment, fiscal and monetary policy, the Federal Reserve, the Federal Government, poverty, or the Human Development Index (HDI).

Locate a recent article or event (published within the last year) that highlights your selected macroeconomic topic. Use the Hunt Library, newspapers, new stations, or other credible sources to discuss how your topic aligns with macroeconomics. Include the following in your discussion.

  • State the article or event selected.
  • Identify the macroeconomic concept(s).
  • Describe your findings.
  • Analyze the relevance to real-life applications.

Summarize your findings using at least 250 words and provide a minimum of one reference. Use current APA formatting to document your sources.