man 4720 global strategy and policy final paper

Final Team Project: Strategic Business Plan

A strategic business plan

is a step-by-step guide a business puts in writing to achieve its business goals and

objectives. It is an internal document that executives use to envision the future, set goals, and strive towards


Section 5: Competitive Analysis & Advantage (35 points)

Your competitive analysis doesn’t have to be a thorough report listing every detail about every competitor.

Rather, identify the key differences and similarities that will impact your decisions and profitability. Most

importantly, use this analysis to determine your current competitive advantages and ways to develop additional

advantages. Perhaps your products are better quality at a lower price. Emphasize these types of details. Be sure

to answer the following questions:

To what part of the market are your competitors trying to appeal?

Can you appeal to the same market in a better way? How (can you steal market share!)?

Who is your best competitor (who you strive to be like/ compete with)?

Who is the most relevant competitor (most likely to impact you)?

We have to write 4 pages on this. Below I am attaching the rubric out of which we just write about competitive analysis and advantages. I am also attaching a picture which shows the final results of all the teams who performed on this simulation.

Our team is Andrew, so we would have to analyze competitive advantage between Andrew and all the rest of the teams which is shown in the picture.

I know it is very confusing. Please ask me as many questions you want.