Managed Health Care Discussion


For each of the assigned time periods, use your book and additional research to describe the main developments in the world of health care insurance and managed care.

There will be a question for each time period– please answer that question and describe other key occurrences related to insurance and managed care. Both the question and the key occurrences for that time period must be present in order to receive full credit.


Each answer should be thorough and written in a paragraph form.


Q1- (1910-1940s) Healthcare insurance is introduced in this period. Why did the American Medical Association oppose it?

Q2- (1940s – 1970s) Why was organized medicine against the formation of Medicaid and Medicare?

Q3- (1970 -1980s) How did the dual choice mandate provide a boost to HMOs.

Q4- (1980s-1990s) How did the focus on Utilization Management change during this time?

Q5- (1990s – early 2000) What was the managed care backlash?

Q6- (2000 – 2010) Describe the improvement brought about by the Medicare Modernization act.

Q7- (2010 – present) How has healthcare become more accessible under the Patient Protection and Affordable care act?