managing basket employees

WEEK 4 Assignment


Please approach this paper from your perspective – whether you are a risk manager, financial manager, attorney, CPA, wealth manager, financial advisor, analyst, consultant – if you are a student, please approach this paper based on the profession you hope to enter in. Questions are at the end of the study…

  • What are the ethical issues in this situation? How do they relate to the 6 core values and other ethical frameworks that you studied?
  • Does it matter if these issues only impact employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers and not the public? Is it an ethical issue if you pay attention to your business responsibilities and allow the existing governance structure to determine whether this corporate behavior is ethical?
  • Decision bias —should you discuss this ethical dilemma with your peers –the engineers, CEO, board members –should you raise the issue – and what about the consequence of your actions – will you be seen as disloyal, be disinvited or demoted if you do? In corporate speak will this result your being decapitated and losing your voice? Will you hurt the rest of the organization by disclosing alleged bad behavior?
  • In your meetings, what can be dynamicfor good group decision making – is it even possible
  • Problem solving — How might you raise these issues for a constructive outcome?
  • Should you blow the whistle – have others blow the whistle – pretend ignorance -design a marketing program of denial – blame the engineers and others
  • What if this would cause you to forfeit your 300,000 dollars of stock options due to stock price declines? What if this money was going to buy a house for your new family – your new twins who have outgrown your apartment – what if this might result in you individually being convicted and losing your job and forcing bankruptcy – is this worth it?

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approach as risk manager because i dont think my approach as a safety manager is relevant