Managing Crisis and Response to NBC Incidents (Chemical & Biological)

Managing Crisis and Response to NBC Incidents (Chemical & Biological)

Utilizing the journal databases accessible via the E-Reserve site found in the online library at the EDMG340 Consequence Management | Course Guide page – – (the Selected journal article databases for Emergency & Disaster Management and the selected journal article databases for Terrorism & Consequence Management):

•Source and select a journal article that postulates or asserts a current or an emerging WMD threat to the Homeland. Cite the selected journal article and further: ◦Identify the environmental setting the article describes;

◦Discuss the related vulnerability it discusses; and

◦Enumerate the specific threat it postulates along with why the author argues the threat is relevant.

•Discuss your stated agreement / non-agreement and support your position. ◦Can the specific threat be mitigated? How so?

Forum posts must be a minimum of 250

Crisis Communications: Foreign and Domestic

1. The Yuhan-Kimberly crisis began online and was fought online. If parents in the United States objected on blogs to a similar problem, what could crisis communicators do to assure the safety of babies is not compromised? What methods of communications would be most effective? What would be key messages? Any special events or special promotions? If the issue originated on blogs, would you limit the campaign to online communication, or would you also seek the news media? If the complaints were limited to one city, would you respond only in that city?

2. What does the spokesman mean when he said, in his conclusion, “Approach with a human face is the basic part of crisis communication?”

3. Pick a possibly preventable crisis in a local company and discuss how a campaign could be developed to prevent the occurrence. (Check chapter 16, “The Crisis Communications Plan.”)

This is a required post with a minimum of 500 words

Secret Diary

Please complete both parts:

1. Many composers kept diaries during their lives. Choose a composer from the twentieth (or twenty-first) century and an important event from that composer’s life. Consider how this event relates to the music the composer wrote. Write a diary entry related to that event in 1st person voice, as if the composer wrote it (Your choice should not be in the Jazz, pop, rock, rap, or other popular music genres.). Provide a link to a sound file or YouTube video of the composer’s music, to help classmates become more familiar with this individual’s work. In the subject line for your post, include the composer’s name. List any websites or other sources you used to write your post at the bottom of the post.

2. What is your personal reaction/response to this composer and/or the music we have studied so far in class? How does learning about music apply to your life and/or past experiences?

Initial posts must be 250+ words, using correct grammar and spellcheck


1A. Define the following terms:


-Active vs. passive euthanasia

-Voluntary vs. involuntary euthanasia

1B. What is physician assisted suicide and how does it differ from euthanasia?

No less than 200 words in length not including your reference(s) and supported by at least two references (aside from the textbook).

Federal Bureaucracy

The federal bureaucracy is sometimes referred to as the “fourth branch” of the government because it wields significant power. Using a news article from the last eight weeks that demonstrates this power, evaluate the bureaucracy as a co-equal branch of the federal government. Why or why isn’t it a “fourth branch”?

Forum responses should be 300-500 words

Types of Organizations

Discuss and explain each of the following organization structures. Find at least one company in one of the categories to present to the class. Ensure you upload the organization’s website for the class to view.


2.Machine bureaucracy

3.Divisionalized bureaucracy

4.Professional bureaucracy