Managing the Event – Incident Command System

Managing the Event – Incident Command System

Evaluating the reliability of emergency response systems for large-scale incident operations – – Brian A. Jackson, Kay Sullivan Faith, Henry H. Willis; Jackson, Brian A., 1972- ; Santa Monica, CA : RAND; 2010; and

•The Problem of Measuring Emergency Preparedness: The Need for Assessing “Response Reliability” as Part of Homeland Security Planning – – Brian A. Jackson. RAND Corporation, November 2008.

The authors offer that the US has undertaken great efforts to be prepared for the next large-scale threat should and when it arises. They also offer that for such systems to be of value they need to be examined and assessed for response sufficiency. Therein can often be the problem. As the week’s writings go on to argue – it can be challenging if not impossible to accurately measure emergency preparedness.

Extending from your readings:

•Do you agree with the author’s positions that assessing preparedness is challenging and less that accurate? State and support your position.

•On the basis of your readings, what potential threat to the Homeland do you believe we are least prepared for?

•Are there ways we could enhance our readiness and in terms of our resultant preparedness, how could we measure such readiness?

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Crisis Communications: Natural Disasters

1. One of the strategies of the PR consultants in the first news story was getting Red Cross first-aid kits included in an episode of The Real World and Red Cross vehicles in an episode of The West Wing. The Red Cross received 60 percent of the $3.6 billion that Americans donated for hurricane relief. Millions of people saw these TV shows and the name of the American Red Cross. Was the money well spent? Should donor money be used on such efforts? What are the positives, and the negatives?

2. Häagen Daz has won numerous awards for its campaign, but, as of early 2010, there was still not a known cause for the disappearance of the honeybee. Are there other tactics Häagen Daz could take on to alleviate the crisis?

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You’re Invited to a Party

Choose three composers from the Romantic Era. Pretend they all had an opportunity to meet, perhaps at a party. What do you think they might say to one another about music and culture? Construct the conversation as you imagine it.

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Informed Consent & Ethical Issues Surrounding Death/Dying

1. From Chapter 9, Darr (2011, p. 216) writes, “consent must be voluntary, competent, and informed”. Explain each and why is it important

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The Supreme Court and Adjudication

The task this week is to discuss how the Supreme Court determines which cases to hear, which cases not to take, and why.

Select a recent Supreme Court case from “Opinions of the Court” on the Supreme Court website, and explain why the Supreme Court accepted it for adjudication. In other words, explain the reason why the Supreme Court most likely accepted the case. (Don’t get sidetracked into the details or personal opinions of the case).

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Management Information Systems

Read New Systems Help Plan International Manage Its Human Resources in Chapter 2. Discuss the types of systems used, how the systems improve decision making, and improved operations using these systems.

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