managment assignment 1

Preparation for a sales call can be much easier than actually making the call. For this Assignment you will follow-up and make the call. You will interview a salesperson to learn more about them and how they manage their own sales. You can learn to improve your own sales processes by discussing sales with others who have sales experience and skills of their own. Building relationships with clients who have differing personalities and cultures is paramount to being a successful salesperson working in market environments with different buyers.

Part 1: Presentation

In this activity, you will conduct the interview and present the outcome of that interview by designing a PowerPoint presentation describing what is involved in building long-term customer relationships.

The interview may take place in person, over the telephone, or via e-mail.


Conduct an interview with a sales professional to determine what is involved in building long-term customer relationships.

Present the results of your interview describing the interviewee’s response to your interview questions regarding the building of long-term customer relationships. Present the results in 8–10 PowerPoint® slides with additional title and references slides.

Part 2: Evaluation

The following course outcome is assessed in this Assignment:

  1. MT453-4: Evaluate the key concepts of customer relationships by applying them to various scenarios.
  2. Based on the preparation for the interview for Part 1 address the following checklist items:


Evaluate the relationship approach you took with the person you interviewed.