manova anaylsis ibm spss

After reading Chapter 23 of your IBM SPSS Statistics Step by Step text, conduct a MANOVA following the step-by-step instructions in Section 23.1. The data set is the primary one presented in the text, called grade.sav. This includes the five quiz scores as the dependent variables and section number and status as the independent variables. Referring to the directions at the end of Section 23.1, run the Bonferroni and Tukey post hoc comparison tests. Also include descriptive statistics, estimates of effect size, observed power, parameter estimates, and homogeneity test.

Do the analysis twice, the first time as given above, and the second time using GPA as a covariate.

When you turn in your output, be sure to include a discussion (following APA 6th edition style) of the major results.

Follow the directions given at the end of the chapter. Reproduce all of the IBM SPSS output from the analysis and copy and paste them into a Word document called week8assign.doc. Also see the Data Analysis Formatting Guidelines, linked in the Resources, for more information. The entire assignment for this week is due by Sunday at midnight, Central Standard Time, in the assignment area.