marketing consumer behavior 1

  • How would the decision process differ for an emotion-driven purchase compared to a more functional purchase?
  • Do you think that the product produced by the chosen by your company, generally are associated with nominal, limited, and extended of consumer’s decision making? Why?
  • Under what conditions, if any, would these products be associated with a different form of consumer’s decision making?
  • What products generally are associated with brand-loyal decision making and which with repeat-purchase decision making? Do you think that the product of you are the company writing, is it can be associated with brand-loyal decision making?
  • Justify your response.


1. Choose a company (for instance: Apple Inc.) and answer the above questions in 4 – 5 Page APA paper. Include Abstract (0.5 page), Body (3 pages), Conclusion (0.5 page) and 5 references.

2. Summarise the above topic in 0.6 page and include 3 references

3. What makes some customers more valuable than others? (0.5 Page, include 3 references)