marketing plan 134

Develop a Marketing Plan

Choose a relatively small business you perceive its owner as entrepreneur existed in Saudi Arabia, or one of the middle-east countries, you can use your own if you have private business.

Develop the company`s Marketing Plan with the following details (note that exercise covers only few parts of actual marketing plans. But for this assignment, this will suffice).

Marketing Plan

Describe your main product or service:

• Describe the most important features. What is special about it?

• Describe the benefits. That is, what will the product do for the customer?

Facts about your industry

In this section, try to cover as many of the following points as you can. Use publicly available statistics to support your answers. Use Saudi Digital Library, and/or Tawadul, and other sources to gather needed information.

• What is the total size of your market/industry in Saudi Riyals?

• How many main producers or competitors are available in the industry both local and foreign.

• What barriers to entry do you face in entering this market with your new company?

• How will you overcome the barriers?

• How could the change in technology, change in government regulations, change in the economy, change in your industry, affect your organization.


• Identify your targeted customers, their demographics


• What products and companies will compete with you?

• How will your products or services compare with the competition?