marketing targeting strategies writing paper 06 2

Muse use one citation from this book (Ch 7, 8, 9 ONLY ): Lamb, Hair & McDaniel (2019). MKTG 12. Mason, OH: South Western Cengage Learning.

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Here is the writing instruction:


Targeting is kind of the core of the marketing concept. Some firms apply more innovative or successful

targeting strategies, while targeting in marketing is not free of controversy. Effective target marketing is

important to NCU’s (Northwest Christian University) recruitment and retention of students. We will reflect on these ideas in this paper.


Conduct some brief research on creative, innovative, or successful targeting strategies/activities

engaged by different companies/organizations. Then research potential negative aspects or ethical

challenges in targeting.


Based on your research, decide what kinds of targeting strategies or activities are effective for different

industries. Reflect on your informed opinion about one “danger zone” that firms should be aware of

when engaging in segmenting and targeting consumer groups (this could be something that many firms

already engage in, or it could be something that is rarely practiced but that you have evidence of). Then

think about NCU’s targeting strategy based on your observations and/or experience. I realize you have

limited knowledge of NCU’s strategic recruiting activities, but this is a reflective assignment, so you can

use your experience, the NCU website, NCU advertisements, and your observations as the basis for

your reflection.

Think about whom NCU is targeting for at least two of its different student populations (traditional

undergraduates, adult degree seekers, graduate programs). Is targeting effective? Who should NCU

be targeting? How should NCU segment consumers? What should NCU be careful of when engaging

in target marketing? Forecast how NCU could be more effective in targeting.


Ø Compile your findings from the “Research” and “Reflection” parts into a 2-page or 3-page, word count at least 650.

report/paper (you may use either business document format or standard essay format per your


Ø Be sure to include at least one visual representation of some information in your report (such

as a table, graph, or chart).

Ø Use in-text citations or footnotes to show your sources of ALL information, and be sure to

include all full citations either in your footnotes or in a “References” section at the end of the


Ø Split the content and length of your paper up such that about 1/3 is dedicated to presenting

your information on successful (or creative/innovative) and controversial ideas in targeting,

and about 2/3 is dedicated to presenting your ideas on NCU’s target marketing.

NOTE: this is a reflective assignment and not a full-on analysis, so it is understood that you are speculating here

based on limited research – don’t go way overboard with your research… just get enough to know what you are

talking about, and share your ideas… and be sure to show your understanding of targeting strategies