media assignment 2

This discussion relates to the reading of Chapter 11 in your textbook regarding commercialism and advertising.

PLEASE REMEMBER: To receive full credit for each discussion (10 points), respond with your individual thoughts and then reply to TWO classmates’ posts. Your response to this discussion must be at least 300 words and is worth 8 points. Your respectful responses to two peer posts must be unique, specific and a minimum of 50 words for each classmate and worth 1 point each.



We see advertising constantly all around us, from billboards in our daily commute, commercials in broadcasting, product placement in film and ads in print media to pitched products in our Facebook feeds. This discussion lets you explore your ideas about advertising and how you think it impacts our society.

Consider the following questions in your responses:

  1. Do you think advertising media impacts how people view themselves and their body images? Do you think it impacts youth in a similar way as it does adults?
  2. On Google and Facebook you are the product and they make their money off advertisements directed towards you and your interests. Do you think they have gone too far?
  3. Some people find advertising annoying, loud and misleading, but, is it all bad? Can you think of some positive benefits of advertising?

I encourage you to do additional research but I am posting several links (click on them they are in blue) and videos and articles that may assist you with your responses.


New York Times: Facebook’s Current Status with Advertisers? It’s Complicated (Links to an external site.)

New York Times: Following the Trail of Online Ads, Wherever it Leads (Links to an external site.)

Washington Post: Google for the first time outspent every other company to influence Washington in 2017 (Links to an external site.)


Common Sense Media: What is the impact of advertising on teens? (Links to an external site.)

American Psychological Association Report on Advertising and Youth (Links to an external site.)


Body Evolution – Model Before and After Photoshop (Links to an external site.)

TEDx Talks | The Power of Advertisement | YouthTalks (Links to an external site.)Sofia Rodriguez-Dantzler

Miss Representation – Trailer | OWN Documentary Club | Oprah Winfrey Network (Links to an external site.)Miss Representation - Trailer | OWN Documentary Club | Oprah Winfrey Network

Love in the Time of Advertising (just for fun) (Links to an external site.)Just for fun short film