Meningitis Infectious diseases Presentation

Infectious diseases project

This project is PowerPoint, or a paper and is the mandatory 10% LIRN.

1– Guidelines for the Project: It could be  either a PPT or a paper  academic style

The paper must have academic style(you pick it)

The PPT must have a minimum of 8 slides, do not type many lines in one slide make it easy to follow, add photos.

Either for the PPT or the paper, this work should have all of the following aspects about your disease: (Write each topic in the order given)

– Include name of the disease and student(s) name

Mention the organism(s) that cause the disease. 

Pick the most common organism that causes the disease and tell:

About the organism:

About the disease: 

-Classification of the organism, organism’s habitat, general characteristics and virulence factors of the organism (Include pictures of the common microorganism that causes the disease).  

– Write how is the disease transmitted, what is the portal(s) of entry and, where does it cause problems in humans’ body (what organs or system(s) are affected.

– Signs and symptoms (include pictures of the signs and sypmtoms). 

– Diagnosis and Treatment.

  • – Prevention.
  • – Epidemiology: Include cases in U.S. and/or where is mostly present, who gets affected (kids, women, men, all), and it there are cases of nosocomial infections (cases transmitted in health care settings) or not and why.