Metareflection Paper

Throughout the course you have been viewing episodes from a variety of documentaries that present the history of diverse groups for information about their experiences and history, but you have also been assessing each film in your video journals for the way it presents the information and how the content relates or does not relate to the course resources and readings. Now that we have reached the end of the semester and you have watched all the assigned episodes, you will think and reflect on the entirety of the films, intended for a popular audience, and critique how they present the history of identities and institutions in the American past.

In a short reflective essay (1-2 pages) consider the strengths and weaknesses of documentaries like the Latino Americans, The African Americans, We Shall Remain, or Makers. What view of United States history is presented by adding these diverse perspectives? Is it helpful to present these perspectives in separate films, or do these perspectives need to be considered together?

There are some videos that relates to my course, please watch some of them and talk about it in the paper. Please do not use online resources.