mgmt 3312 analysis apple company 5pages double space

Company to analysis: APPLE


1. Overview of the company (products, markets, organization/structure of the company)

2. History (founding, major mergers/acquisitions, market expansion)

3. Officers, CEO and other important figures (include brief biographical data)

4. Basic financial information (income statement)

5. Data on human resources (number of employees, hiring and labor practices)

6. Description of the industry or industries in which the company operates


Prepare a well written paper that discusses the APPLE company. The paper should reflect an understanding across several aspects of the course, demonstrate the ability to perform basic research on a company and use technical writing/formatting.

The assignment should be 5 full pages of text (double-spaced) with in-text citations. A title page and reference list should also be prepared. Business documents should adhere to APA format however, you may exclude the APA requirement for an abstract. The paper should use 12 point Calibri or Times New Roman style font, with one inch margins.

The paper will be graded based on both content and form. Proper grammar, spelling, and formatting are all expected.

**** Paper need to turn it in online so please be careful on plagiarism