Miami Regional University Nursing Theory as a Conceptual Framework Discussion

#1Nursing Theory as a Conceptual Framework*

1 — Instructions: Search online for a nursing research article on a nursing topic that interests you. Write a 2 page paper addressing the following:
1. Explain the Nursing Theory represented by the journal article.
2. Determine if the theory was a grand, middle-range, or situation-specific nursing theory. Discuss.
2. Summarize the findings of the article.

The paper must be written in APA 7th edition format. Use at least 2 references in addition no older than 5 years. DO a page with a presentation with the name and topic. Be careful with plagiarism because if u submit has Turnitin report 

#2Discussion Question: 

·         Discover which agencies, in your state, are responsible for public health of citizens. 

·         Research if there are centralized or decentralized management of state responsibilities?

·         Determine minimum 3 key indicators of health.

·         Review the agency sites and upload the links to the Moodleroom, week #1 (THE DOCUMENT IS ABOVE IN THE UPLOAD FILE )APA FORMAT 

#3Discussion Forum: 

Topics- from Learning by Experience and Reflection:

· Develop your vision of the ideal health care system. 

·  List some of the characteristics that constitute such a system. What would be the goal or goals of your ideal system?

· Think about how you would go about implementing your ideal system. 

· Consider some of the problems you are likely to encounter