: Michigan Defends the Union.

Read chapters 7-9 ) in your textbook and review power point slides (both attached to this question)

Answers are based on the reading of chapters 7-9

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In order to get full credit on your original post, you need to clearly connect your responses to historical evidence from the book, powerpoint slides, or further research. Indicate the page number where you found the information to help me and your classmates follow up to gain insight.

Topic Option 1: Michigan Defends the Union. 1. What is one thing that surprised you in Chapter 7?  2. Despite being a relatively new state, why was Michigan eager and enthusiastic to defend the Union in the Civil War ? 3. In what ways did Michigan servicemen (including several minority groups) contribute to Union victory? 4. How was Michigan’s society and economy transformed through participation in the war?

Topic Option 2: Post-War Politics. 1. What is one thing that surprised you in Chapter 8? 2. Why did Michigan voters only reluctantly allow Black suffrage despite contributing so much to the emancipation of slaves? 3. Why did Michigan voters fail to allow women’s suffrage until after the nineteenth amendment?  4. How do the political issues discussed on pages 119-128 relate to political issues we deal with today?