milestone 5 due week 12

Milestone 5 (Due Week 12):

A brief PowerPoint presentation to be made to senior management explaining your recommendations. In your presentation, provide an overview of the present system, including any security vulnerabilities that you found. Outline the main points/diagrams/recommendations. Be sure to have a conclusion that offers to continue your duties as consultant – you want to be hired to implement your design!

A good PowerPoint presentation has the following characteristics:

1. An introductory slide.
2. Separate slides for each main point.
3. Short phrases and headlines. Do not use complete sentences and paragraphs!
4. A good, solid conclusion.
5. A closing slide that states what you want to happen next. (You want to implement this design! Tell them how to contact you).

Please include CYBR515 Assignment 12_4 and your name in the file name for PowerPoint presentation and attach it to the appropriate assignment for grading.