milestone one 8

Overview: For your final project, you will assume the role of a network consultant for SNHUEnergy Inc., an organization looking to expand its communication reach. Refer to the Final Project Scenario document for details. You have been tasked with analyzing the current network architecture of the organization and determining any key changes that should occur as the organization prepares for future growth. You will evaluate traffic patterns to determine critical aspects of your business and provide basic insight into what should be done to the network from a capability aspect and from a security viewpoint as the organization prepares for future growth. Ultimately, you will recommend a design for the future network architecture of the organization.

Prompt: Your first milestone for this project will be the creation of a project analysis plan. Your plan will identify the network applications of the current network including a description of how the current network is designed by explaining how the different layers of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model relate to each other within the network.