Minnesota State University Speak up Antibiotics Article Essay

1. Write a short paper reviewing the brochure attached.c. Include current nursing or healthcare journal article to support your critique.  https://www.jointcommission.org/-/media/tjc/documents/resources/speak-up/speak_up_infographic_antibiotics_2017pdf.pdf

2. Include the following sections

A) Introduction of brochure (3 points/6%) i. Includes brochure title

ii. Identifies date published

iii. Describes individuals or groups

iv. Brochure properly cited, included on reference list, and submitted with assignment

B) Summary of article (5 points/ 10%) -brochure citation required i. Explain the main topics discussed

C) Communication (5 points/10 %) -brochure citation required

i. Review information that promotes communication between patients and healthcare providers

D) Personal Reflection (2 points /4%)

i. Why did this topic interest you?

E) Evaluation of brochure (14 points/28% total (2 points each) (Brochure & nursing article must be cited)

i. Was the information provided in the brochure beneficial? Could you incorporate it in your patient


ii. What was done well, and what could have been improved in the brochure?

iii. Was the information presented clearly?

iv. Did current nursing or healthcare related research article support the information presented in the


v. What population or individuals does this article apply to (i.e., who will benefit the most from this


vi. Who else can use this information?

vii. Will this information increase patient safety?

F) Evidence Review & Application (5 points/10% total)