Missouri Baptist University History of Missouri Constitutional Government Discussion

1. Carefully read through Fulton and Brekke, chapters Four through the Conclusion. Then, for each of these chapters, summarize here what you take to be most important, interesting etc.

2. Let’s take another virtual field trip. Quite seriously: I hope that you are going “all-out” in experiencing these to the fullest, and learning a great deal from each, including this one: to the Missouri Governor’s Mansion. In the first place, while are touring will be online, it should be noted that anyone can actually visit and tour the mansion in the real-world by booking a tour here (Links to an external site.). Let’s begin our e-exploration, by standing outside the governor’s mansion here (Links to an external site.). By the way–just to give you a sense of geographic orientation–if you pivot (virtually) to your left and take a few e-steps down West Capitol Street, you will be able to see the dome of the Missouri Capitol building (Links to an external site.). Now, returning to the Missouri Governor’s Mansion, let’s join C-Span’s 2012 tour of the mansion. As usual, as you watch the below, video “add your two cents” on it in real time, and summarize your observations and reactions in this regular discussions thread. What is most interesting and meaningful here? https://youtu.be/oEbCrs1nsjQ