mkt 571 week 5 team media options

My Assigned Portion of the Team Assignment

Week 5 – Team Assignment

Create a three-slide pp that addresses the differences between Media Audiences  that illustrates   illustrate the traditional media option Print and one new social media option Facebook for a chosen brand and brand strategy for a product or service.

Power Point must include speaker notes and references. In addition, to the three-slide-power point —Create a Word Document with at least 250 words that coincide with the three-slide power point. The Word document must include references and should be the same as those used in the power point. A table of differences may be used to concisely illustrate differences. A discussion of insights/concerns/issues between the media options must be included in Word Document

Deliverable should include an actual marketing piece for the selected traditional media and for the selected new social media option . This can be actual copy, visuals, radio text, layout sketches, storyboard, etc. (possibly including slogans, logos, etc.) to illustrate how you would incorporate your creative recommendations into the two media branding or product strategies.

Use the content from the Word Document for your Speaker Notes, which are required.

Format assignment according to APA guidelines.